Powerful fuel to drive your beef business

Today's beef industry is a competitive one. To succeed today — and maintain strong profit potential tomorrow — you need a wide range of feed products to match to your operation's requirements, plus supporting services to add vitality to your business.

As your co-op partner, our ongoing goal is to optimize the efficiency, productivity and profit potential of your beef operation. Bottom line: Land O’Lakes Feed has the powerful nutrition and programs you need to succeed.

Ryan Gerlach - RangeLand® Stress Tub Testimonial
“We’ve been really happy using RangeLand® Stress Tubs before and after calving and prior to and after weaning. We use about one tub per group and have very little mineral waste. RangeLand® Stress Tub is an easy to use, high quality product, and we know our cows are getting the nutrition they need, even in what can be a stressful situation for them.

These tubs aren't just for the cows either. The calves hit them just as hard shortly after calving. We calved out 42 first calf heifers this spring, which puts a lot of demand on those female's bodies. These tubs helped tremendously with getting our calves through those first couple of months as well as with our breed back success.”

Ryan Gerlach
Flying JRL Ranch - Finlayson, MN

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Management and feeding tips

Bulls that will be together in the cow herd should be grouped together so they develop a social structure. This will help prevent fighting when they are turned in with the cows.
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Advanced nutrition for your beef herd: Cow-calf range feeds

The Land O’Lakes Feed beef cow program provides you with a strong management framework, feed products that are second to none and expertise to meet your beef production and business goals.

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SteakMaker® feedlot supplements

Today's cattle require rations with greater nutrient density to help them reach their genetic potential for fast and efficient lean muscle growth.

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Production and marketing systems

We offer you a coordinated farm-to-table production and marketing system with specialized programs designed to give you a competitive edge.

Feedlot Vision® Record Keeping
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Great Starts™ Cattle Feeds

It’s no secret that each cattle producer has their own philosophy, strategy and goals for weaning and starting their calves. And it’s no secret that these calves are their babies and they want nothing more than for them to eat to help optimize their health.

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